Consider yourself a design nerd? Get to the surprising Dutch city of Eindhoven

The art-cum-furniture of Nacho Carbonell evokes a kind of surreality that might be familiar to fans of Salvador Dali or Max Ernst. A seat is concealed amid a tangle of pell-mell steel quills, like a perch within a giant, carved-out burr; the back of one chair towers up into a ladder, the top of which erupts into an engorged alien womb.

One might expect Carbonell – whose long, wild hair almost begs for a giant fan so that it might be permanently caught in a dreamlike flow – to create such fantasies in an equally otherworldly locale. The edge of a cliff in his native Spain, maybe, or a candle-lit cave soaked in absinthe.

Carbonell, though, operates out of a studio in Sectie C, a series of trim, converted warehouses in the low-key Dutch city of Eindhoven. From the outside, it’s inoffensively grey. Inside, dozens of makers hustle to put together Carbonell’s fantasies, which will then be shown around the world in galleries, showrooms and avant-garde homes.

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