Home design: Delftware comes across the pond — and back into fashion

Journalists are trained to recognize that, if some new behavior shows up on their radar once, it’s interesting; twice, it’s a coincidence; three times, it’s a story.

When I first noticed the barrage of hand-painted blue-and-white pottery — ginger jars, vases, ceramic stools — in home stores and catalogs, I made a mental note: “Hmm, interesting. Are those pieces I saw as a girl in my parents’ house, alongside Hummel figurines, coming back?”

Later, while interviewing an interior designer and trend expert about the New Traditionalist movement (which brings traditional looks into the home in unexpected ways) I asked for an example. “It’s putting Delftware in an all-white modern Miami apartment,” said the trend spotter, Karen Wolf, of New Jersey. “Have you seen it lately?” she asked. “Royal Delft has completely reinterpreted its product, and it’s coming across the pond in a big way,” she said.

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