Floating Farm in Rotterdam is now home to 32 cows

A floating dairy farm has opened in Rotterdam, showing how food production can become less vulnerable to climate change.

Floating Farm was designed by Peter van Wingerden and Minke van Wingerden of Beladon, a company that specialises in waterborne architecture.

It is now home to 32 cows, producing dairy products that will soon be on sale in Lidl stores all over the city.

The project is designed for a future where rising sea levels mean that farmland is increasingly out of action due to flooding.

It aims to show a new way of bringing farming back into the city, with minimal impact on resources and the environment.

“We are seeing an ever-growing world population,” explained the Floating Farm team. “In 2050, it is expected that two to three billion people will have been added.”

Image source: Dezeen