This magical unicorn horn is actually a wearable device for kids with ADHD

Each time you have to make a decision based on external stimuli, a wave of activity happens in your brain. It’s known as the “P300 wave,” a brain mechanism used to evaluate or categorize events that happen around you.
While scientists are still not clear on how it works exactly, they agree that it’s a good signal to measure humans’ cognitive processes. They also know that kids with ADHD have a delayed P300 wave.

Right now, doctors measure kids’ P300 brain activity by connecting them to a big machine via 64 head-mounted electrodes. This is not only a hassle for kids and parents; it also doesn’t really provide a lot of insight since it allows for a limited amount of activity.
Monitoring a kid with ADHD in their daily environment would not only lead to a better diagnosis, but also to better ways to tackle the problem. If caregivers can see how the environment affects these children, they would be able to modify the environment to help them with their condition, rather than just administering a stimulant like Adderall to boost their concentration powers and reduce impulsive behaviour.

Image source: Fastcompany