Biophilic and ocean-inspired apartment design in Amsterdam

For its first full foray into residential architecture, Amsterdam-based firm GG-loop drew up a design vernacular inspired by the ocean. The two-apartment development named ‘Freebooter’ is located at Zeeburgereiland, a triangular island at Amsterdam’s east. Inside and out, oceanic references are in abundance.

GG-loop looked close to home for design inspiration, using the waterside plot as a starting point of reference. Until 1910 the site was a key docking thoroughfare for ships entering the city, and the firm wanted to evoke this local maritime history through its design. As something of a cherry on top, the name ‘Freebooter’ further delves into the annals of Dutch sea-faring history, crediting the historical high-sea explorer of the same title.

Image source: Wallpaper*