These vases were made with immortal human cells

Delftware–also known as Delft pottery or Delft Blue–is a typical white and blue tin-glazed earthenware named for the Dutch town where it has been made for centuries. Typically decorated with plants, daily scenes, and other graphic motifs, Delftware can be traced back to the 14th-century Chinese porcelain that Europeans loved so much, they started to produce their own with different decorations in the 16th century.

You’ve probably seen plenty of Delftware plates and vases before, but the pieces in this collection, called Semi Human Delft Blue, are like nothing you’ll find at your grandma’s home. Because these are made out of human tissue.
This pottery also comes from the Netherlands, but from the labs of Biomedical Engineering professor Dr. Patricia Dankers and her PhD candidate, Dan Jing Wu, at Technology University in Eindhoven. The design is the brain child of Dutch-Chinese artist Hongjie Yang.

Image source: Fast Company