Vintage cars inform design of Garage Pompen & Verlouw restaurant in Den Bosch

Studio 34 South has transformed a former garage built in the Dutch city of Den Bosch into a restaurant and bar called Garage Pompen & Verlouw.

The studio, helmed by Samantha Ellinson and Chechi Valentine, wanted to create a soft and light, warm and clean environment, within the former dark and industrial mechanic’s space.

Using automobile design of the 1930s as a source of inspiration, the duo researched the finely crafted interiors of vintage cars.

“It was a world of glossy walnut steering wheels, streamlined metal details, stitched brown and burgundy tones of leather seating,” the studio said.

“It was pure craftsmanship. The goal was to capture the essence of that aesthetic and bring it into today in a completely unexpected way.”

Image source: Dezeen