Erika Emeren uses Swedish spit-cake technique to create decorative vases

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Erika Emeren has turned a traditional cake-making technique into a method for forming unique ceramic vases.

Emeren’s Ornament Now: Cake Vases are created by applying slip clay to a rotating cylinder of papier-mâché using a piping bag, similar to those used in pastry making and cake decorating.

Each vase is then fired and glazed to create a glossy, brightly coloured finish. The process means that every vessel has a unique shape.

The production method is based on the tradition of making Spettekaka, which translates as spit-cake, a traditional confection from Emeren’s homeland of Sweden.

The cake is made by baking batter around a dowel used for spinning. A similar technique can also be found in traditional cakes in other European countries like France and Poland.

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Image source: Dezeen