Beer Holthuis designs 3D printer that uses recycled paper

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Beer Holthuis created the Paper Pulp Printer in an effort to combat the amount of waste plastic being created through 3D-printing.

Holthuis set himself the challenge of making a 3D printer that could use recycled paper pulp after discovering that paper was one of the world’s most wasted materials.

“Sustainable materials in 3D-printing are very scarce,” Holthuis told Dezeen. “3D-printing with paper could have a big impact on the 3D-printing world, there is a lot of waste in this industry – most models are printed to communicate something and are often thrown away afterwards.”

Printing with paper instead of plastic filament would mean that the models could be broken down with water and the pulp potentially recycled again for another project, said the designer.

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Image source: Dezeen