MVRDV’s Vanke 3D City in Shenzhen will be a “new type of skyscraper”

Eight interlinking blocks will form the 250-metre-tall Vanke 3D City in Shenzhen, demonstrating what MVRDV are calling the next generation of skyscraper design. 

Chinese property developer Vanke has commissioned the Dutch architecture practice to build its new headquarters tower, a project MVRDV is calling a three-dimensional city.

Spread over two plots of land divided by a road, the skyscraper will be an unusual shape made of eight different volumes, each with a different facade, linked together at various levels.

The mixed-use building will contain offices, homes, shops and cultural spaces. Four of the blocks will have indents or holes punched through them to create semi-public outdoor parks and plazas,  with the volumes topped with rooftop gardens.

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Image source: Dezeen