Seattle has the ‘most Instagrammable’ library in the world

When legendary architect Rem Koolhaas put the finishing touch on his diamond-encrusted Seattle Public Library, did he wipe his brow with a sleeve and think, “I hope this does well on social media”?

Probably not. But according to a recent press release, SPL’s Central branch is now the “most Instagrammed library” in the world.

The news comes from Wordery, a U.K.-based online bookseller (which may or may not have come up with these findings in an attempt to make its own social media splash). The not entirely rigorous methodology involved compiling a list of 40 libraries previously proclaimed most beautiful by a variety of publications (The Guardian, The Telegraph, Conde Nast Traveler), finding the hashtags associated with those libraries and comparing the numbers.

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Image source: Crosscut.