Elzelinde van Doleweerd creates 3D-printed snacks from food waste

Eindhoven University of Technology graduate Elzelinde van Doleweerd has teamed up with a China-based technology company to create food products 3D-printed from leftover food.

The foods, which include crunchy cracker-like samples made from purple sweet potatoes and rice, are a continuation of the Dutch designer’s Upprinting Food project, which she began during her Industrial Design degree at the Eindhoven-based university.

Having previously worked with foods that are commonly wasted in the Netherlands, such as bread, fruits and vegetables, Van Doleweerd’s new concepts use some of the most wasted food products in China. They have been produced in cooperation with the 3D Food Company in Beijing.

“In China people eat lots of rice, but also lots of boiled rice is wasted. So I created a printable food paste with rice instead of bread, as well as vegetables and fruit,” said Van Doleweerd.

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Image source: Dezeen