MVRDV clads leisure complex with golden façades and imprints of surrounding structures

MVRDV has completed a new two-building arts and entertainment complex, located in close proximity to Seoul’s Incheon airport.

Dubbed ‘The Imprint’, the development contains a nightclub in one building, while the other accommodates an indoor theme park.
The windowless structures are defined by three key characteristics: imprinted façades, lifted entrances, and, perhaps most eye-catching, a golden entrance covering one corner of the nightclub building.

The two structures form part of Seoul’s ‘paradise city’ complex, which comprises a total of six buildings. Once complete, the development will provide a full suite of entertainment and hotel attractions less than a kilometre away from South Korea’s largest airport.

The client asked MVRDV for a design that featured no windows, but still felt integrated within its urban setting. In response, the architects referenced the elevations of the neighbouring structures — either by draping them over the new buildings like a shadow or by imprinting them as relief patterns on the new façades.

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Image source: Designboom