Acrobatic Robots That Mimic Insect Flight May Be The Future of Drones

Insects are among nature’s best flyers, so it’s easy to understand why scientists took them as a reference for creating a flying robot. When reviewing the flight pattern of an insect, it becomes apparent that they are very efficient in their operation.

Due to their small size, they need that level of efficiency as too much effort is going to burn out their energy reserves rather quickly.

The researchers at the TU Delft’s Micro Air Vehicle Laboratory (MAVLab) took this as inspiration and created an autonomous flapping wing robot – DelFly.
There are many perks to having a flapping wing system when compared to a thruster, as the flapping wings are more efficient in controlling movement in midair.

The result is an autonomous flying robot that is very agile and manoeuvrable.

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Image source: Interesting Engineering