Overtreders W creates zero-waste barn and restaurant for Dutch festival

Overtreders W has built a temporary barn from borrowed materials to host a pop-up zero waste restaurant at the Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands.

The pop-up restaurant – named Brasserie 2050 – was created for catering company The Food Line Up for the festival, which took place 17-19 August 2018.

Imagining what the world will need to eat to support its predicted population of 10 billion in 2050, the concept restaurant served up a sustainable menu, which included “no waste” bread baked from potato peelings and pesto made from kitchen leftovers.

Overtreders W, which specialises in temporary structures, built the “barn of the future” for the eatery, using borrowed, hired standard construction materials that would keep their value after the pavilion was dismantled at the end of the festival.