Studio Drift installs hanging bouquet of robotic flowers that blossom when you are near

Amsterdam-based Studio Drift has choreographed 18 mechanical flowers as part of a kinetic installation presented during Dutch Design Week 2018.

Meadow is an upside down landscape that is meant to remind the viewer of the impermanence of the constantly changing seasons and characteristics of natural growth processes.

The cluster of robotic flowers reacts to the visitors as if they were the sun to a blooming flower, opening to reveal a complex structure of unfolding fabric. As each one expands, the light inside also grows, slowly diffusing to illuminate the entire pendant. Underneath meadow integrated sensors translate the presence of visitors into different ‘moods’ with each blossom mixing the light colour and the gradient colour of the fabric.

Together they create a kaleidoscopic effect from below or an experience of a botanical creature ignited by the viewer.

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Image source: Designboom