3D-printed porcelain vases by Olivier van Herpt in blue and white

Presented by Galerie VIVID at Design Miami/ Basel 2018, Olivier van Herpt‘s ‘blue and white’ is a series of 3D-printed porcelain vases of 70 cm height.
The vases consist of very thin walls thanks to a 3D-printing machine developed by the designer, which has the capability to extrude a hard clay body that maintains its shape during printing.

Olivier van Herpt has created the blue and white series after Holland’s famous delftware/delft blue, which was initially developed as an affordable alternative to expensive Chinese porcelain. The vases are created by multiple fine layers of clay, using a 3D printer the designer developed himself.
The blue pattern signifies the interaction between the human and the machine, as the cobalt pigment is applied by hand on the clay body before inserted into the extruder, and then reconstructed by the 3D printer.

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