Visser & Meijwaard create black vessels inspired by traditional Dutch cabinets

Arnhem-based designers Visser & Meijwaard drew upon their Dutch heritage to create these matt black vessels for German design brand Pulpo.

Debuted earlier this year during Milan design week, the FG vessels take their form from the shape of 18th-century Dutch cabinets.

Covered in a matte black glaze, the urn-like vessels each feature a screw-top lid and are decorated with bold geometric shapes that resemble patterns carved into wood.

“Visser & Meijwaard have taken this emblem of Dutch culture and given it a modern twist resulting in ceramic vessels that can be described as futuristic yet at the same time are reminiscent of an ancient relic,” said Pulpo.

“As well as drawing on their heritage, which was used as a starting point for FG, it is evident that the duo has taken inspiration from simple garden hardware – finding beauty in the everyday – and transferred this to a decorative yet functional vase and container with lid,” continued the brand.

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