MVRDV to convert communist monument in Albania into technology centre

Dutch studio MVRDV has unveiled plans for a new technology education centre in the Albanian capital of Tirana, which will be housed within a pyramidal monument to communism.

Set within the city centre, The Tirana Pyramid was first erected in 1988 but has since undergone a variety of uses. First opening as museum dedicated to Albania’s long-serving Communist leader, Enver Hoxha, it has also acted as a temporary base for NATO throughout the Balkan Wars, a nightclub and an event space.

Despite plans to turn it into a national theatre, the 11,800-square-metre space has now sat empty for more than 10 years.

Rotterdam-based firm MVRDV will now transform the pyramid into a technology education centre for young people, in an attempt to “give the building back to the public”.

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