The UAE goes Dutch to ensure their food security

In the coming 50 years the world will have to produce and sell as much food as it did in the past 4,000, a food security expert says.

“It’s a challenging time at the moment because when we look ahead, the world will change considerably,” said Dr Aalt Dijkhuizen, president of Topsector Agri and Food in the Netherlands.

“Three billion people will move from low income to middle class and this has the biggest effect in the short term because it means in the coming 40 to 50 years, we have to produce and sell as much food as we did in the past 4,000 years. It’s amazing.”

Top sector Agri and Food is a collaboration and innovation network between government, private partners and research institutes.

The Netherlands, the second-biggest food exporter after the US, is one of the countries with which the UAE has formed partnerships to help secure its food in the future. The UAE imports about 90 percent of its food requirements.

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